Shared Coworking Spaces vs Office Spaces

Coworking spaces in Gurgaon are very easy to find nowadays. The central business districts are full of the cowork options. The trending industry has become so popular that there are abundant choices that have come up in the market. According to the some market surveys, the volume of coworking spaces have increased to such a level that no one is able to do find traction.

On the other hand the office spaces which stand in the market under rental business or the office on lease can be found without difficulty, the only issue with that option is that the end to end office supplies are not available like cowork and hence the private office on rent will cost you more than expected.

Some of the facilities such as fully serviced offices from looking after the space infrastructurally to the smallest of requirements that include provision of tables and chairs and office equipment are the tasks easily accomplished at a cowork setup. In contrast to the private office spaces where the infrastructural headache which is considered to be the most difficult to handle needs to be handled by the organization and hence becomes an additional challenge for the team heads. To curb this problem the idea of cowork came into practice, and of course this makes things easier.

The coshared offices once established to cut extensive office costs today have become a premium product in the market. Where the maintenance issues are taken care off by a separate division altogether.  These furnished office spaces have now taken a turn towards inculcating effective and a more productive work culture. What was earlier established on the premise to work out the monetary issues has now become an improvised more luxury product. You get numerous choices from basic office space options to some very custom options as per team prerequisite.

The idea of creative cowork has recently become very popular because it is considered to have increased productivity. This style of work culture is supposed to make things more easy going and relaxed and hence the coshared imperatives enables the teams to work together and meet likeminded individuals where one continuously gets inspired and remains updated in terms of what is going on, the relevant possibilities and available opportunities in the market space.

There are several added possibilities which come along the idea of cowork, such as virtual office spaces. The option can work wonders if you are still not ready to move out of your garage but require leaving a perfect first impression on clients. You can use address from a leading cowork which belongs to the central business area in Gurgaon or Delhi. Also, you can utilize some basic services such as mail collection, mail delivery, and locker facility as per your discussion with the cowork facility.

These serviced office spaces can provide an enormous amount of possibilities but it is upon an organization on how they intend to utilize and negotiate them. Yes, you hear me correct when I say negotiate; customer awareness is very important and no one can help you get aware. You will have to get yourself aware. One of the major setbacks the coworking spaces are facing is the gap between customer expectation and ground reality.

What to expect must be talked through the very first stage that is when you are discussing about the monetary terms. Ask the most minute questions and as many as possible. You are the customer and it is your right. Generally, what happens is you are so busy negotiating that you forget to ask about the additional facilities. So, due to this you end up expecting what you must not and the cowork thinks they don’t have to cater to those needs because they were never discussed during the verbal agreement.

One of the examples of this communication gap is the rent agreement. So, what happens is you discuss things verbally and of course agree on them but when it comes to signing papers there are some claws which seem out of scope and this is where the problem arises. Sometimes you miss certain facts in the agreement and when it’s all signed and done there is no option to go back. You are stuck and end up wanting to change office space or just compromise in frustration.

Therefore, one thing you must do even if you are a single individual or a freelancer taking up office space for rent is clear all your doubts.