Coworking Spaces and Designs around the World

With so many coworking spaces there are a number of styles these spaces are furnished with all around the world. Some coworks represent spaces that are simplistic, some are designed keeping in mind the millennials and Generation Z and the types go are infinite. What one can do is look into some of the most usual and unusual coworking office designs which are being adapted around the world. Let’s not forget that coworking did not begin in India though the concept has been adopted very well by our metropolitan market space. Where the rate of taking up private office spaces on rent has fallen the idea of cowork has seen an evident rise. And the demand for cowork spaces has risen due to small businesses that have welcomed the coshared work space not just in India but all around the world.

So, some of the most popular coworking designs are as follows:

Small Satellite Coworking Office Spaces:

These spaces might be more affordable in nature. Generally they hold smaller communities and have a more intimate feel. Though organizations choose this style because they generally have better conveyance provisions for instance they would have a metro station at walking distance or a bus stand from where it would become very convenient for the community to work form.

When it comes to design these spaces are brighter, and bohemian style. They are trendy and small had enable in building a strong close knit community of businesses.

 Outsized Coworking spaces:       

This size actually represents huge open spaced coworking, coshared offices. With a larger community which incubates entrepreneurs from across domain. These styles of office spaces on rent organize a number of events to keep the community closely engaged. An additional advantage of such collaborative office spaces is that the teams get exposure from across domains. They have the advantage of constantly being in touch with the market and this exposure to such a large part of market helps them inculcate new business possibilities. The teams are usually more expanding and the larger cowork spaces provide them the facility to grow rapidly if required.

Design wise the spaces are very basic, pain, simple, with one bold pastel color which makes the space seem spacious and classy at the same time.


These coworking spaces were at some point of time some different business. Such as we can see that there is a trend among many restaurants being converted into coworks. We can also see metro’s being converted into mobile coworks. So, these types of coworking spaces are best for medium businesses. They are efficient and have appropriate space to accommodate the size.

And being restaurants in the past they of course remind you of café’s. Which have actually been quite liked by many organizations around the world.

Artsy Coworks:

These styles of coworks are usually bold, bright, colorful, and fashionable. Decked up with modern designs and a lot of abstract art the coworks portray a kind of lively feel. They accommodate more of freelancers and creative startups because the designs could be overwhelming for some.

They feel like you have just walked in an art gallery and might be distracting for the individuals who have focused and domain specific work fulfillments to be done.

Millennial and Gen Z:       

They are again spaces which give an open feel with a lot of windows and sunlight coming through. They are quite outdoor style and have a lot of transparency when it comes to meeting rooms etc. with large, bold gears when it comes to design. Commonly we see youngsters choosing these kinds of coworking spaces. Or a business that deals with the millennial market.

You can see rough, military colors and combat style composition of the space and of course this is what makes it special.

So, these are the five styles of coworking spaces that you can look out for when you are finding an office on rent in Gurgaon or Delhi as per your choice. You can easily find these furnished coworking, instant office spaces or temporary office spaces as and when you require them. This new rental business vertical has disrupted the market and is going strong and the proof of concept lies in the most innovative designs going around in the market space.